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Giant Tiger Yellow Tag


Cement Giant Tiger’s position as an affordable, full-shop destination with a private label general merchandise discount brand.


Giant Tiger shoppers, though incredibly loyal, spread their wallets across other discount mass merchandisers. General merchandise was a category where Giant Tiger scored poorly across a variety of competitive metrics despite the fact that there were no strong competitive private brands in the general merchandise category.


The Giant Tiger Yellow Tag brand was created to simply and clearly state its promise: unbelievable, everyday low prices for all household needs. A simple, clean design is approachable and positive and stands out compared to national brands and their traditional colourful packaging. Yellow accents, the minimalist design and the ‘deal tag’ icon signal savings. A highly legible messaging system allows product attributes to stand out and simple photography is used to aid product identification.


Sales have significantly exceeded sales targets and more products are being introduced under the Yellow Tag brand each season. Not only did we exceed sales objectives, we also won a PAC award for our Yellow Tag design.

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