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Sobeys Private Label


Sobeys’ private label brand portfolio had grown exponentially, creating disunity and disorganization among the 3000+ SKUs. They needed help redesigning the entire Compliments line-up in order to change brand perception, drive brand loyalty and generate higher sales.


Consumers shop each category differently, thus design cues and information hierarchy must vary by department. However, without a cohesive brand that knit different SKUs together, was impossible to build equity in the Compliments master brand.


Create a master and sub-brand system with strong identifying features to help shoppers navigate the entire offering. Establish a flexible design format that allows the specific attributes and category specific purchase drivers of each SKU to be emphasized.


Upon relaunch, awareness of the Compliments brand grew steadily. Volume grew 25-100% in many new categories. Consumers’ perceptions of Compliments value grew 10%, while perceptions of Compliments quality grew 16%.

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