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Giant Tiger Fashion


To build shopper loyalty in a growing discount category, Giant Tiger sought to develop exclusive brands that offer on-trend apparel and merchandise at affordable prices.


Friendly and fun, Giant Tiger stores are already stocked with affordable items. They wanted to expand their private label portfolio to offer even more value to their loyal customers. They believed that children’s clothing should be colourful and able to withstand all their playground antics, men’s clothing should be versatile enough to take them from a backyard barbecue to their Sunday best, and women’s fashion should make her feel comfortable and confident.


Monkey Bars

A playful clothing brand for boys and girls at prices moms love. Energetic and fun, just like kids, Monkey Bars is ready for the playground and the design evokes this playfulness.

Mountain Ridge

A durable clothing brand that makes guys look good. A brand for men who need to refresh their basics that have worn out. The outdoor cues speak to the rugged quality of the clothing.


Feel relaxed, comfy and empowered with your everyday essentials. Carisma offers soft textures for a comfortable fit that embraces femininity. Because inner beauty radiates confidence.


All new brands have exceeded sales targets and are fuelling GT’s plans to open 10-15 new stores annually.

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