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Egg Bakes


Launch a new ready-to-heat category of frozen egg patties and quiches.


Canadians love their eggs. A great source of healthy protein, egg consumption has steadily grown over the past ten years. However, Canadians eat most of their eggs on the weekend, with the fastest growing weekday consumption being breakfast sandwiches purchased at quick-serve restaurants.


The communication strategy was simple and focused: get the nutrition you seek from eggs in a fast and easy way designed for hectic weekday mornings. Our messaging approach contrasted real life, with all its lumps and bumps, with real eggs prepared quickly in the microwave. The highly visual storytelling approach used gentle humour to resonate with our target market of young professional families. The social campaign ties to in-store POS communications to help shoppers find the product where eggs aren’t typically found – in the frozen department.


As Burnbrae Farms’ first entry into the frozen food aisle, Egg Bakes are experiencing steady growth and are paving the way for future new product introductions.

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