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FreshCo Cheap Cheap Campaign


Convince shoppers that by shopping at FreshCo they don’t have to compromise their shopping experience in order to get discount food prices.


With fresh produce and bright and clean interiors, shoppers refused to believe their prices were as low as their discount competitors. A single-minded message on low prices was required to overcome this cognitive dissonance.


Who speaks the language of “cheap” better than a bird? We introduced FreshCo’s first-ever spokesbird. Cheapy appeared in radio and TV commercials, OOH and digital ads, in-store and in flyers, becoming famous for having only one thing to say: “Cheap! Cheap!”


Cheapy the bird resonated with consumers. Its memorable “Cheap! Cheap!” message was tremendously successful in changing consumers’ perception of FreshCo.

• 13% said the campaign encouraged them to shop at FreshCo for the first time.

• 38% said they were shopping at FreshCo more often.

• 40% said they chose to shop at FreshCo over another store as a direct result of the campaign.

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