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Weed in Aisle 5: The Cannabis Store

January 10, 2019

Build customer loyalty through in-store experiences. A well-designed retail store can be the deciding factor for many consumers.

Here are 5 things to consider…

Be Inviting

A warm, approachable environment that creates curiosity can get customers across the threshold. Consider the design tools of light, seating, materials, colours, words, and images to design a comfortable place to spend some time.

Keep it Natural

Cannabis is a plant product, a fact at the root of a customer’s choice.  Consider natural cues of wood, greenery, colours, and images to create a fresh, wholesome environment that feels good.

Show What’s In Store

This isn’t ‘pile it high’ retail. The product is small, the inventory isn’t plentiful and promotion happens only at the point of sale. Up-to-date menu boards can help with what’s in stock. How can you use the space to help navigate and educate?

Make Waiting Comfortable

When there’s a long line to talk to a customer service representative, or get inside the showroom, where’s a comfy seat?  And what to do? How can you use the space to help customers get to know your brand, relax or recharge (literally – where’s the plug?).

Start a Conversation

With décor, digital signage and wayfinding, there are many ways that your retail brand can share its personality, smarts, and unique point of view—despite regulatory restrictions to storytelling. How do words, images and ambiance combine to create a place where you and your customer start a great relationship?



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