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Social Collection


Co-op Wine Spirits Beer planned to introduce a series of limited-edition wines comprising of bin ends sourced from prestigious winemakers around the world. As a new product offering, a new brand and label design was required.


Our target consumer loves to entertain. When buying wine for herself, she opts for middle-of-the-road favourites priced well under $20 / a bottle. She would prefer to upgrade her wine selection when hosting but isn’t confident she can pick a surefire winner.


Wine can be intimidating when seeking to impress. We set out to demystify the search for reliable quality.

Meet The Social Collection. Gone are the days of confusion in the wine section. No more aimless scanning or choosing something seemingly at random because the label is cool or the price is low. It tastes great, it’s priced right and the new brand design resonates with the consumer. This is wine for the rest of us. While many may not have caught on to Social Collection wines, you know all about them and will share your secret with a few trustworthy friends.

They’re perfect for casual sipping over great conversation with good company, paired with fine dining and comfort food or shared at your next get-together.

The strongly recognizable design stands out from stodgy traditional labels while being clear this is something special. The design system draws attention to the limited-edition nature of each BIN, each with a unique pattern. The cohesiveness of the overall design brings a cohesiveness to the brand that assures a great wine each time.


The first set of three BINs sold out in weeks. The Social has since been rolled out to over 16 highly successful SKUs, establishing the vibrant brand as a core offering that differentiates Co-op Wine Spirits Beer and keeps consumers coming back.

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