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Sobeys Liquor


Sobeys Liquor held just under 10% market share and saw an opportunity to grow its business in western Canada.


With an abundance of new products entering the market, consumers felt overwhelmed and intimidated, reluctant to explore and try new regions, flavours and products.


FISH created an inviting and dynamic in-store experience that turned shopping at the liquor store into an educational and enjoyable experience.

The customer journey was imbued with a sense of excitement about discovering and trying something new. Wayfinding helped create a sense of discovery and emotion within the store environment. In-store signage provided pairing suggestions, tasting bars were introduced and a visual system to categorize flavour profiles simplified product evaluation.

The result was a coherent brand experience that infused education and discovery at every touchpoint.


All redesigned stores saw a material lift in their year-over-year sales, basket size and return visits.

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