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New to the market, Flowr—an emerging producer of premium cannabis—found itself in search of a narrative and design that not only expressed the company’s story but also treaded a fine line. The design needed to target the future high-end recreational consumer without ostracizing the current medicinal market.


The legal cannabis industry to date is a bit of a wild west, with tremendous amounts of money being spent to build high capacity cannabis cultivation facilities.

With industry-leading expertise in the science and industrialized cultivation of cannabis, Flowr’s strategy was to cement themselves as the consumer’s choice for premium cannabis and differentiate themselves from low-quality, greenhouse-grown flower.


By honing in Flowr’s focus of the natural science of cannabis, we created an approachable yet visually striking design that both recreational and medicinal markets will gravitate towards.

Using a consistent visual language, we were able to coherently convey their expertise and passion across all touch points.

Flowr’s knowledge and skill are reiterated throughout the narrative, continuously reminding the customer of their commitment to producing the highest quality products.


Flowr successfully went public in September, patient registration has exceeded expectations.

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