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Schnucks Fan Favorites Marketing Campaign

Schnucks partnered with the Fish Agency to develop the Fan Favorites marketing campaign, resulting in:


Given the post-pandemic economy and the ever-increasing cost of living, consumers are tightening their purse strings and changing their buying patterns as they pivot towards Private Brands. 53% of consumers now say they shop at a store specifically for its Private Brands*.

(*source: Shopify; The Future of Commerce, January 2022)

Already well-loved among consumers, St. Louis-based Schnucks Markets saw an opportunity to grow penetration of its Schnucks and Culinaria brands among their shoppers with a promotional marketing campaign to raise awareness of their most beloved Own Brand products.


Above all else, for many consumers the single most powerful motivator to purchase a new product is the endorsement of their peers. To drive loyalty, shopper preference and trial of their Own Brands product line, Schnucks surveyed their customers to find out their favorite products. The result is a comprehensive list of products customers should add to their shopping cart.


There is a definite honor being “award-winning” as awards celebrate the best of the best, especially voted by peers. Building around this insight, we developed the Fan Favorite Awards, a celebratory and tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign designed to recognize the best of the best among Schnucks’ own brand products.

We brought the Fan Favorite Awards to life by creating humorous award names tied to the unique attributes of each winning product. Designed using movie marquees and spotlights illuminating award winners, the promotional campaign effortlessly stood out among all other signage present in Schnucks stores.

The marketing campaign also incorporated a Fan Favorite badge, a new visual identity that will become a regular device to feature customer favorites in-store.


Based on encouraging results in its inaugural year that saw all award-winners see a material bump in sales, the Fan Favorite Awards are set to become an annual event.

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