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Cracking the Discount Code: Creating an Unforgettable Discount Brand Experience.

Discount grocer Freshco teamed up with Fish agency to:


Discount grocery has ‘a look’. The category has trained consumers – for decades –to identify the places they can find the best deals. And they tend to feature clutter, warehouse-style ambiance and direct ‘low price’ messaging.

In contrast, FreshCo was designed to offer a ‘better’ discount experience: cleaner and better stocked stores, a more enjoyable shopping experience that brought ‘fresh’ to life and competitively low prices. The problem: the ‘better’ experience meant shoppers didn’t perceive FreshCo as a discount grocery store.


Value shoppers are highly informed about the prices of products or services. Many can’t afford not to be. They invest a considerable amount of time looking for the best ways to stretch their limited budget. They know how discount works and won’t be fooled by fancy marketing schemes.


To ensure savvy shoppers were crystal clear that Freshco was a discount grocer, Fish reimagined the brand and the store experience to align with how consumers perceive the category.

This began by redesigning the brand logo to with chunky type, deemphasizing ‘fresh’ and implying low prices with a downward pointing arrow icon.

The established colour palette was inverted to emphasize the vivid brand lime green versus the black (generally associated with premium products), creating a bold discount-themed look.

To evoke ‘great deals’ excitement and reinforce the low-price experience, a prominent ‘value zone’ was added just beyond the entrance of the store. Key value messages, hung on vinyl banners, along with red, yellow and Freshco’s downward arrow iconography further reinforced the value proposition throughout the shopping journey.


Same store sales sky-rocketed. The massive success of the initial pilot led to an immediate and accelerated rollout of the new store package:

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