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Mountain Ridge


Friendly and fun, Giant Tiger stores are stocked with affordable, on-trend home and family fashions, brand-name groceries and everyday necessities at low prices.

Mountain Ridge was a successful but niche Private Brand in men’s fashion. The opportunity was to broaden its appeal beyond the outdoorsy and rugged shopper to include a variety of casual clothing basics, including some items for women and children.


Our down-to-earth target consumer tends to relegate older clothes to home casual and getting dirty. When buying clothes, he replenishes what he has as it wears out with new pieces, purchased to wear for almost any occasion. He seeks durable clothes that will last a long time.


Reintroducing Mountain Ridge. A durable clothing brand that makes guys look good.

For many, clothes shouldn’t be fussy – they have a job to do, so they should do it. Mountain Ridge offers you great casual and smart casual clothes that you can wear anywhere and that will be with you for the long haul.

Adapted use of the rugged visual equities of the existing brand widened the appeal by evoking the visual attributes of everyday casual. Design details reinforce durability through quality in workmanship. An all-new visual hierarchy highlights specific attributes of each product.


Mountain Ridge has become the anchor in Giant Tiger’s renewed focus on Private Brand fashion, with four years of strong year-over-year sales growth and an ever-increasing SKU count.

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