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We've Caught Quite the Team

You are the company you keep and that’s why we believe in surrounding ourselves with only the very best people.

Rebecca Hamilton Chief Executive Officer
Charlene Codner Chief Creative Officer
Sarah Grundy VP Creative
Allan Dougall VP Strategy
Sharon Krieger Director of Finance
Bryan Raymond VP Customer Development
Melanie Smith Bookkeeper
Alice Krechowicz Senior Designer
Janet New Senior Designer
Scott Pearson Senior Designer
Jay Primeau Senior Designer
Peter Foto Senior Account Manager
Miranda Beerman Creative Brand Steward
Kevin Adams Senior Production Artist
Michael Kudryk Senior Production Artist
Jennifer Harvey Account Supervisor
Jane Merriam Account Supervisor
Courtney Flaherty Account Manager
Konrad Okoniewski Account Manager
Bruce Meulendyks Junior Designer
Tatiana Sourkova Content Manager
Rachel Johnson Social Media Coordinator
Kaye Sutherland Studio & Office Coordinator
Dexter Office Security
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