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Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs Online Design Optimization

What is online design optimization?

Online design optimization is the act of making sure your digital marketing lives up to its fullest potential, helping drive your brand’s growth and market share.

Most brands currently marketing online have created a shopping experience that consists of consumers wading through countless thumbnail-sized photographs of their products. These thumbnails are often a bad reproduction of your product packaging and create inconsistent representation across your brand.

To be fair, standing out online can be just as challenging as on a shelf. If your package doesn’t stand out, your customers will skip right past you. An IRCE report concludes that, for 75% of customers, the quality of the images is the most important driver of purchasing decisions.

This is where optimization becomes vital to your digital marketing strategy.

Tips for online design optimization of thumbnails

  • Highlight the most important characteristics of your product
  • Simplify your design so these characteristics stand out (i.e., the amount of granola bars in a box)
  • Remove any information that does not increase sellability

If amplifying some information by removing other information concerns you, remember that the thumbnail’s job is just to bring people to your product page, where you have room to highlight other important information.

Optimization is just as important on the product page as the thumbnails. It is here, on the product page, where consumers make the decision whether or not to buy an item.

Tips for online design optimization of product pages

  • Have more than one image of your product, with alternative views
  • Have a clear emphasis on features and benefits
  • Remove any unnecessary information cluttering the product packaging
  • Test readability on all devices, including phones

Including online design optimization in your digital marketing strategy serves one purpose for retailers: it makes it easier for consumers to pick your products in the growing online marketplace. It’s one of the quickest and most cost-effective changes you can implement right now.

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