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Consumer Engagement Demystified

November 21, 2019

The importance of a well-connected customer journey has been well documented. Yet many brands continue to fail. A new brand of agency – a Consumer Engagement Agency – is the answer.

In our previous post, we discussed the value of integrated consumer experiences, which we define simply as Consumer Engagement. This is no secret among brands. But most marketers and consumers agree that we need to get much better.

Why is effective Consumer Engagement so difficult?

We believe it’s a natural consequence of the explosion in innovative new media through which brands can reach their audience. Different media require different expertise. Large marketing organizations have thus developed specialist departments in teams of dedicated professionals—whether it be merchandising, digital, out-of-home advertising or social media.

Unfortunately, what has occurred as a result of these highly specialized divisions are silos. At best, communication and coordination across these silos requires time and effort that is often in short supply. At worst, outright competition can be observed: it is not unusual for an e-commerce team to openly compete with a retail team, for example.

As a Consumer Engagement Agency, FISH seamlessly connects touch points and builds relationships between our client’s brands and their consumers. We do this by breaking down these divisions.

We understand the role each touch point plays in the overall brand experience, and how to fit them together. We blend subject-matter experts with consumer strategists. We are structured and designed so that all pieces work together, never losing sight of the big idea that defines the overall consumer experience.

FISH The Consumer Engagement Agency offers unified experiences that bring your brand top of mind through relevant, cohesive and well-crafted consumer touchpoints.

To learn how FISH can help you, contact 416-406-3474 or email us at



*Photo credit: Albert Pego

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