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FreshCo Relaunch


Discount grocery competitors had trained consumers what to expect at a discount grocery
store: cluttered stores, warehouse-style ambiance and direct ‘low price’ messaging.

In contrast, FreshCo was designed to offer a ‘better’ discount experience: cleaner and better-stocked stores, a more enjoyable shopping experience that brought ‘fresh’ to life and competitively low prices. The problem: the ‘better’ experience meant shoppers didn’t perceive FreshCo as a discount grocery store.


Above all else, our discount shopper must be absolutely confident they are getting the lowest
prices or they’ll go somewhere else.


Scream discount!

We revamped the brand and store experience to communicate a simple brand promise of low
prices and that was clearly and compellingly reinforced throughout the shopping journey.

Elements of the new experience included:

  • A new brand identity that aligned with consumer expectations of what a
    discount store should be. This was achieved by inverting the bold colour palette,
    incorporating bolder type, deemphasizing ‘fresh’ and implying low prices through the
    use of the arrow.
  • Celebrating the FreshCo. brand offering through in-store messaging that reinforces the
    brand promise of low prices fresh food.
  • Reinforcing FreshCo’s low price promise reinforced throughout the shopping journey
    with high-visibility price signage. Red and yellow, the two colours synonymous with low
    prices, are prominent as is the iconic downward arrow from the FreshCo brand identity


Same store sales sky-rocketed. The massive success of the initial pilot led to an immediate and accelerated rollout of the new store package:

  • Rollout to all existing 95 locations in Ontario within 18 months
  • Aggressive expansion into Western Canada with the conversion of over 60 Safeway stores to the FreshCo banner and over 10 announced new FreshCo openings
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