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Re-launch the FreshCo brand in Ontario to convince consumers that it’s as price competitive as more established discount competitors. Make it ready to debut in Western Canada and build a new following.


FreshCo wasn’t ready to go west. The original store concept had plenty of fans, but shoppers didn’t believe that FreshCo’s prices were as low as their discount competitors: this showed in market share and perception surveys.  The store and brand assets were not singularly focused on communicating price and needed to change.


FreshCo needed to convince consumers that it was singularly serious about price in every single way it communicated and was prepared to deliver on the new tagline ‘lowering food prices.

Our makeover served up a strong discount concept:

  • Colour palette moves from black to FreshCo’s bright green signature colour
  • A new logo design with a bold new font and a strong icon positions it as a discount player
  • New décor replaces photography with price messaging
  • Strong price message and increased frequency and size of price signs
  • Creation of strong prize zones and store flow where low prices meet the customer


The new store concept was tested in 4 stores in Ontario. Sales results and customer research studies proved FreshCo had closed the gap in competitive price perception and was ready to head to new markets. In April 2019, FreshCo was launched in Mission, British Columbia, and eleven more stores are planned to rollout in the west in the same year.

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