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Cannabis Retail: Don’t Make Your Store a Museum

June 7, 2019

Many new cannabis retailers are creating innovative new store environments.

While it’s important to have signage and educational space to tell the stories and benefits of cannabis, too much of it can look precious, boring and even daunting. Strike the right retail balance so the customer feels empowered, not put off.

It’s cannabis, not Roman coins.

No matter what you’re selling, and however secure your inventory has to be, overly styled or overly glassed merchandising can be intimidating. Not to mention that it creates a poor price perception. Does your display say: ‘Take a closer look’ or ‘Don’t you dare touch!’? It’s a retail experience, not a museum, so the design should help people make informed decisions not intimidate them. Make the space fun and inviting and ensure display information is easy to read. The last thing you want is to have your customers speaking in hushed tones.

A ‘need to know’ basis

Don’t overwhelm your customers with loads of complicated language, science-y jargon or long product descriptions. Take for example pharmacy environments, they don’t attempt to explain the efficacy of their drugs on store walls. While there are a million stories from the cannabis world, consumers just want a happy ending. Hire knowledgeable and passionate staff that can balance the sale with further info.

Science, with benefits

Even the latest pharmacy environments are shedding their clinical white looks and creating spaces with warm colours, comfortable waiting areas, and other feel-good cues. While your customers do want to understand what they are buying, cannabis purchases aren’t entirely inspired by a list of functional benefits. Customers also want to find an emotional benefit for sale. So how does your décor make your customers feel?

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