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Cannabis Consumers: What Women Want

April 23, 2019

If you’re familiar with cannabis accessories or products you will notice that most grinders, bongs, pipes and carrying cases tend to appeal to male sensibilities—dark masculine colours paired with functional chunky designs.

When it comes to cannabis paraphernalia there are plenty of opportunities to engage female consumers in smart and insightful ways.

Here are 3 emerging segments to look out for:


There are huge opportunities for well-designed products and accessories that are both purposeful and beautiful, think clothing and purses with odour-barrier linings, handcrafted grinders, tastefully designed bongs, etc. The days of carrying products in baggies are over. With legalization, accessories are now the hottest thing. Brands should begin looking into creating functional yet stylish, modern designs that appeal to women of all demographics, adding features and design cues that meet their needs and lifestyles.


There are a number of ways to consume cannabis; taking special care to appeal to the female market could give your brand advantage. According to Mary Beth Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at Fleurish Cannabis Inc.—a licensed Canadian producer marketing towards women— “Women indicate a higher interest in edibles, vaping and topicals than men do.” As a result, brands should look into investing in infused products like teas, edibles, and lotions. Women, more so than men, are looking for options outside of smoking.


Women of all ages are embracing the holistic benefits of cannabis. Using the plant as an aid in menstruation, sexual health and also as an alternative to non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical remedies for pain and inflammation.

“Women are looking for alternative non-toxic, plant-based, holistic remedies for health, and cannabis falls into all of those categories…women are adopting cannabis as a wellness tool and making it a part of a much bigger approach to self-care.” says Anna Duckworth, co-founder of Miss Grass, a women’s cannabis experience magazine.

The health and wellness industry is a trillion-dollar business and women make up a large portion of that.  Shifting your packaging to highlight the natural properties of your product could be beneficial when targeting this demographic.

Word to the wise

Steer clear of gender stereotypes. Make sure to avoid approaches that dwindle your customer down to colour pallets, gender roles, and tacky designs. Do your research. Who is your customer? What does she want? What does she need?


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