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Brand makeover: When a discount brand isn’t discount enough

May 16, 2019

When the FreshCo brand launched in 2010, Sobeys wanted to give customers a fresh take on a discount grocery store.

Those who discovered it liked the experience, but despite great prices, the brand was a little too elegant to convince customers that FreshCo was a category leader.

As pressure on their customer’s grocery dollar grew, Sobeys wanted to up their discount game, and make sure that FreshCo was understood as a serious price player.

FreshCo’s problem was that it wasn’t ‘discount’ enough. So we made simple, bold changes, to express FreshCo’s unique personality,” says Charlene Codner, Chief Creative Officer of FISH Agency. “There’s absolutely no mistaking what FreshCo stands for now.”

The feat was no simple task; the transformation required the FISH team to develop multiple touchpoints that not only connected with consumers but also reinforced FreshCo as a discount player.

Walk back from black

There’s no world where the colour black says discount. Discount grocery is a world full of bright, saturated colours. The team dialed up the discount by splashing the distinctive FreshCo green on every wall.

Create a powerful street view

FreshCo needed a stronger visual retail presence, one that had to be easy to spot from half a block away. A new logo design, with a bold new font and a strong icon positions it as a discount player.

Make promises (and keep them)

In the new FreshCo, every piece of communication supports the promise on the store banner: lowering food prices. This includes the new and completely unique, ‘double fresh’ guarantee posted throughout the store, and even in the parking lot:  If you’re not satisfied, we’ll replace your item and refund your money. That kind of bold guarantee is serious price confidence.

Show (don’t tell) price

FreshCo’s customers didn’t need to be convinced of their quality: it was obvious by the produce and brands in the store. Rather they needed to be convinced of the great prices, but the photography of the previous décor didn’t do that. A new first impression was created by increasing the size and frequency of price signs throughout the store, on ends, walls and dedicated deal zones, to prove an unmistakably low-price offer.

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